Bad print quality Layout

My prints from Layaout are not very good, straight lines dont show up straight.
In document setup I set the output resolution to High, so that should be the best.
I can not believe that this is the maximum quality possible…
I am working with Sketchp Pro 2019.

Are this lines in SketchUp viewports? Have you rendered the viewports in Vector or Raster?

Example: Raster on the left, Vector on the right.
Screenshot from PDF at 100%

Screenshot from PDF at 400%.

Share a LO file so we can see what you are dealing with.

Oeps… I should have known this, but as quite a beginner in Layout I forgot. Yes I rendered in Raster instead of Vector. In Vector it looks much better.
Thanks Dave!
Raster.pdf (58.8 KB) Vector.pdf (6.2 KB)

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You might want to use Hybrid for that. It’ll tend to do better on shading the curved surfaces.

Thanks Dave!

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