Background 'photo match' image disappeared

i am converting my garage into living space and imported a photo of that garage…

i am a newbie but think this might have occurred after changing camera views or opacity in a photo match dialog i don’t seem to be able to find now…

also, File > New now opens with no visible blue axis and says ‘Top’ in the upper left corner…how can i get make the default ‘iso’?

050918.skp (69.0 KB)

Are you sure you imported the image file with the Match Photo setting? If you had there would be a scene tab for the view you set up. There is no such scene tab.

As for opening with the top view, it sounds like you just need to select a different template to start with. You can do that from the Welcome screen. If you’ve turned that off so it doesn’t show upon opening, go to Help and select Welcome to SketchUp. You’ll then be able to select a different template. At some point you’ll want to make your own template that includes the camera position you want for your starting point.

In a PhotoMatch view, changing the camera except by zooming in and out will hide the background view. You ought to get back by clicking on the scene tab at the top of your window.

Except there isn’t a scene tab to select.

I see. Probably jgibb1us quit the function before finishing the setup.

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