Background colors for scene tabs

I think a simple but useful feature could be the possibility to assign a background color to scene tabs. When I have many scenes, I could categorizes them by background color, instead of uniform grey as it is now. For example I could assign red for all the sections, blue for plan views, green for 3d perspectives etc…


I’d rather go directly to the ability to create groups for plans, perspectives etc. In my experience custom color markers easily make a UI quite messy.

I think that the abiltity to group scene tabs could be another great feature, but probably it is more complex to achieve. In the meantime I would be happy if, instead of a rank of indistinguishable grey tabs, I could differentiate some of them by color…

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Grouping for scenes as used in file directories would be nice. You can close or expand a group to see it’s scenes in the scene window. Then it would be great if only the expanded groups’ scenes showed at the top of the drawing window, instead of covering the top (as now) and then some with names so contracted so as to be unrecognizable ( i.e. useless).

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Whoops ... sidebar commant on scenes, styles and model background (click to expand) ...

This is already possible. (EDIT: Misunderstood request. My apologies.)
Background color is a property of style objects.
So create a few more styles in your model (or template file for starting new models.)
Ie, name the styles for what you’ll use them for … “Plans”, “Sections”, etc.
Then set the scene to use the appropriate style and update the scene.

My template has specific styles and scenes pre-setup for “Thumbnail”, “Print” and “Edit”.

This has been requested many times. (Perhaps you’ll even find a topic in this category on this.)

Feature Request category search: “scene groups”

I thought he was referring to the model background.
If I’m mistaken, I apologize. And then this would be a part feature to scene groups.

I have no peeve against a user enjoying colored tabs. I’ve seen it in other applications, so I know at least the MS Windows platform can do this. (I’ll never seek to deny another user the desire to use an application the way they wish. I believe the end user knows best what they need.)