Ayuda, no abre el archivo

Llevo trabajando varios días en unas escenas para un proyecto y hoy inesperadamente el archivo no abre, porfa necesito ayuda

Your file opens in SketchUp 2023 without any problems. Update to SketchUp 2023 and you’ll be able to open it, too.

You have a lot of excessively detailed components in your model. I see incorrect tag usage
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 2_23_35 PM
Hoarding of unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 2_22_2024 , 2_26_11 PM
There are also a bunch of excessively large texture images. Reducing them to a reasonable size will help. When I did that the file size was reduced by almost 78% and it started performing much better on my computer.

Since, as you told me in a PM that you are using a cracked version of SketchUp, I won’t share the repaired file but you can get a legitmate copy of SketchUp 2023 and open the file yourself.