Axes Location in Scenes

Less of a specific question and more posting out of curiosity. Does anyone here use the Axes Location setting in Scenes? I would love to hear people’s use cases for it. I have an idea of how it could be used, but I’ve never personally thought of changing the axes from scene to scene.


yeah, if you have several buildings not all perfectly parallel to each other, when you place your building on a terrain / geoposition and it’s not aligned with the original axes, when you do several photomatches on different sides of an object / building…

I’ve used different axes in different scenes in these 3 situations. at least.


I rarely ever need to move the model axes at all but in some cases it can be useful to align the axes with off-axis parts of a model for certain scenes. That can make it easier to align new geometry with the existing model and it makes it simple to set up standard views. If, for example you’ve got a model of a house in which the garage is angled relative to the front of the house, you could set up a Front elevation with the axes in their normal orientation for the front of the house, then align the red axis with the front of the garage for an elevation of the garage using the same Front view.

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If I have a bend in a building I will make a duplicate of my ‘working’ scenes with the only thing updated being the axes. Makes modeling so much easier.

I have occasionally set the blue axis perpendicular to a roof plane to make purlin and compound layout easier.


Yes, on occasion as already mentioned. Further, the way I teach Match Photo, my work flow is to set the axes in a meaningful location before importing each Match Photo. I believe the axes need to be somewhere in the photo when you do it.

That said, one obscure warning: I found that Medeek BIM (at least the wall plugin for sure) won’t work correctly if the axes have be set to anything other than the default location. If you do save a different axes saved for a scene, it’s good to have at least one scene with the default axes so you can go back to that state with one click.

Thanks, those are all helpful comments. I’m giving @bmike the solution so he can get the Learned One badge lol.


Not sure how that works, but I appreciate it!

There are aspects of this bulletin board system that are like a video game by earning badges and points. Everything has to be a competition, no?

I found the Axis Manager extension very helpful to switch and sort out axis