Axes in Dynamic cutting components

I am struggling with manipulating axes in a DC with cutting capability.

I started by creating a cutting component which seems to work just fine. The only problem with it is that it is not fully parametric. If you choose a wider option, elements that should stay a constant width stretch. Expected behaviour.

So I made it fully parametric to avoid distortion (unstretchable). I got that all working OK. But here’s the thing. When I made the original component, I set the origin to the bottom centre of the cutting loop. After saving the drawing and re-opening it, I noticed that the origin had defaulted to the bottom left corner. So I started determining positions of sub-components relative to that. But then I found that the cutting loop was not changing size as it did with the partly parametric one. I suspect that is because of a mismatch with origins.

Can anyone tell me if that is the problem and what I should do about it? Ideally, also explain why the origins change in the first place?

Here are the two components:

Single sash casement window unstretchable.skp (128.4 KB) Casement 2 light.skp (648.0 KB)

The first component, single sash. The cutting loop is in the window sub component, it needs to be in the cutting component which is the parent. Or create two cutting components. The video shows “cut and paste in place” the cutting loop, amended in size and given “volume” then faces deleted to create a reveal, otherwise there will be a gap

With regards to axis. You should make all your component the same way, then its a few more steps to make them swap able. It does not matter on the orientation, only that it is consistent.

If Z is up, X width and Y depth, then they can be placed within the cutter(s) component where X is the same and the Z swaps to Y.

It may suit your work flow to have a opening component that can resize, cut multiple leafs, contain reveals, ledges, trims with the window itself a proxy to any of your window designs. By using the current formula, the replacement will match the proxy size.

If you choose the XY plane as per the single sash, then make the 2 light in the same orientation with the cutter(s) included, then we can consider how to swap them.

Thank you Philip, I will work through your suggestions.

I now realize (numpty that I am) that one of the drawings I uploaded was the wrong one. Without it, you wouldn’t have been able to see that they are basically the same but one is a “proper” DC and the one I should have uploaded is only partial. Although I divided the window up into sub components in the unstretchable version, I wasn’t intending to change any axes or origin. I am still unsure why, if you set the drawing origin at the centre to start with, it seems to revert to what you might call a default at bottom left. I probably did something without noticing.

Here’s the drawing I should have uploaded in lieu of the two casement one:

Single sash casement window.skp (104.7 KB)