Avoid [Receipt] for extension warehouse


How can I have an avoid in euro ? I bought s4u Stairs extension and I need an avoid in euros for my account department.
Thanks for answer.
Martine p

You probably want a receipt (acquit) in euro.

I think that depends on the payment method and payment service who does the conversion.

I paid with Visa Card and details are in USD !!

Purchase Details:
Subtotal: $15.00 USD
VAT (20.0%): $3.00 USD
Total: $18.00 USD

I suppose I should do conversion ! I’m not sure that account department will be satisfy.

That’s because the payment was actually done in USD. I don’t think Extension Warehouse or the extension developer could give you a receipt in euro (other than assuming a conversion rate and doing the reverse calculation).

I believe at the end of the month the bank gives you a balance of all payments done with your credit card, and the amount that was charged on your bank account (in euro). Mine also shows details like recipient and conversion rate. Together with the purchase confirmation email this should be good for your account department?

Many thanks for your response.
I hope it’ll be good !

Here in Sweden you can just sign in to your banks website and see all transactions that have been made a year back or so. I don’t know how that works in other countries.

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