Availability of Warehouse

I purchased Pro some time ago and have been using it infrequently, but when I do use it I am continually impressed with its simplicity and effectiveness.
But I recently started a new project and it told me that the Warehouse is no longer available for my version.
Needless to say I am now very unimpressed as the software is a once-only cost, and, as a single consultancy, I can’t justify paying another $1000 plus to update.
Not happy Jan.

just search and download directly from your internet browser, it’ll also help your file structure since you can then clean up the model downloaded to suit your model structure / naming conventions and layering before you actually use it in a model you’re working on

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Define “some time ago”? The reason 2016 is obsoleted is it used old versions of Internet Explorer. We can’t continue to support Internet Explorer (or old versions of Safari), and that’s not an unusual position in the software world. You can continue to use it, just open it (3D Warehouse) in a modern browser, and download versions (or Collada if an old version isn’t available). Not as easy to use as 2019, but certainly useable.

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In addition to visiting the web site and downloading collada versions, you can do a search in the Components panel for what you want. When you see an item you’re interested in, click on its thumbnail, and the model will be downloaded into your scene. Don’t click on the text link, that will just open the 3D Warehouse window.

You do end up with less to choose from than if you view the page in a browser, but often there is still plenty of choice.