AutoSave Recovery File Doesn't Exist - Sketchup Pro 2021

I have been using Sketchup for a while and have never had this before. I am saving my files, I see it saving and then come back the next morning and it doesn’t exist. I have been trying to use our new system with Google Drive, I’m assuming that has to be the problem. I just need to know what to do to solve this. AutoSave is set up every 5 mins and nothing is showing up in the Recovered Files folder. Any help is greatly appreciated.

You should be saving to your local drive, not to Google drive.

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There are two ‘backup’ scenarios…

This depends on your Preference settings…

If you have successfully saved your model’s SKP file, then any AutoSaved files which might have been saved are discarded anyway.
The related AutoSave file is for use in dire circumstances - e.g. when the original file is FUBAR.

The separate option for the .SKB backup file on PCs [~.SKP on MAC] is effectively a saving of the previous version saved before the current one you are working on, so you are only one save out of pocket in the even of a catastrophe !

PS: As @DaveR says you should always be working on an saving to your local drive…
At the end of a work session save to your ‘drive’ location to backup your data…

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Only when SketchUp crashes the autosave files wind up in that folder. The ‘Autosave’ functionality of SketchUp is not the same as some apps that use cloud storage (Word, Excel on onedrive, etc).
There is no version history created automatically.

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