Autosave frequency 5mins, get a bug splat when trying to change this default

Small problem with recent change from 2020 classic, to 2023 subscription.

I have noticed that when I try and change the frequency of autosave, it causes a bug splat.

I have tried this on a template file (empty), saved to desktop initially, and when I adjust the frequency from every 5 mins up to 20mins (I tend to save during my workflow before complex - bugsplat prone operations!)

When I click O.K, it bug splats and does not instigate this change. Anyone know why ? Or what I can do to prevent this ?

As the file I am working on is quite large, having it pause every 5 mins during the save is rather annoying!

Version 23.1.340 64-bit

EDIT: it is only the ‘create backup’ tick box that causes the crash, not the frequency… leading me to believe it is something iffy with how the backup is working…

I’ve also had to remap some shortcuts as the alt+spacebar is no longer an acceptable shortcut - which is just one of those things! - will have to remap my brain to something else instead!

FYI, these options are totally unrelated. Autosave saves, at specified intervals, a copy of your model to a special invisible folder where it can be retrieved if SketchUp crashes while you work. The “Create backup” box controls whether the previous version of your model is saved as a .skb backup file when you save your model. Autosave does NOT replace normal saving, and when you quit SketchUp without crashing, the autosave files are automatically deleted.

Are you still using a Windows build of SketchUp on Mac with Bootcamp as your profile says? If so you may be running into some file access permissions issues. What Mac OS are you running?

You could defeat Autosave if you want or even delay it but you might think about what would be more annoying waiting a few seconds for an autosave sequence or potentially having to rebuild a large portion of the model after a crash.

If your model is large, maybe there are some things you could do to streamline it like purging unused stuff from the file. This would reduce the file size and it would reduce the time it takes to save.

Also make sure the file you are working on is saved to the internal drive and not some cloud location.

Please update your forum profile.

This problem has stopped being a problem now, so don’t understand what has changed, but it has resolved itself - I can now change the autosave frequency, and un check and check the create back up without it causing a bugsplat. Unsure what caused this short term issue - but I have managed to create a default template with the frequency extended and the autosave checked, so I should not have to adjust this moving forward. If anyone else has this problem then I would simply say that try it again after a restart and it will probably have resolved itself…

Many thanks,

These settings, like everything else in the Preferences dialog, are saved in the system, not in the model template.

thanks for highlighting this - No, and I will update my profile accordingly to avoid confusion - the bootcamp / mac OS setup was short lived! as it came with it’s own set of problems - and we are now running windows on Dell machines.

Thank you!

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer exe and choose Run as administrator? If not, that would also create issues with some file permissions. Close SketchUp, right click on the installer, choose Run as administrator, and when presented with the options, choose Repair.

Hi DaveR,

thank you for this suggestion, I don’t know tbh, so I will do this as a matter of cause!

Good idea to do it if you don’t know that it was done. It won’t hurt anything anyway. Make sure you a signed into Windows under your normal user login when you do this.