Automatically scenes creation

I use the following code to automatically create scenes :

prompts=[“Delta t: “]
return nil if not results

    si = model.shadow_info
    ps = model.pages
    si["DisplayShadows"]= true
    t =,@mois,@jour,5,0,0).to_i
    34.times do |day|
    page = ps.add
    status = page.use_camera=false
    page.transition_time = 0.0
    t= t+(60 * @delta)

It doesn’t work because it does not recognize @delta (in the line t= t+(60 * @delta)),
but when I directly replaces this variable with a number i don’t have this problem.

Could you help me?

Thank you by advance

inputbox returns an array, even if there is only one value. You need to set @delta=results[0]

Thank slbaumgartner for your answer,

But it still does not work, even by defining @delta=results[0]

You see another way to retrieve the input value for my delta t?
Because when I create a variable i = 30 and I multiply by i [t= t+(60 * i)] it works

I forgot, you probably need results[0].to_f so that you have a float not a string for the multiply. Oops!

Perfect, many thanks slbaumgartner :smile: