Automatically Create Dimension between entities, asking for improving

I wrote a samll feature, it can automatically create dimension between entities

when you move these groups, and run the code again, these dimension can renew.

Actually, It doesn’t work very well. I want to achieve the feature like this:

Here’s the code, Is anyone interested in that?
# 首先建立数个组,并命名为g1,g2,g3…
# First, you have to make some groups, and name it as g1,g2,g3…

# 将一个数组两两配对,生成一个两两组合的数组
# This is function, the purpose is to choice two elements from any given list
# and match them without repeat.
def per(list)
  nl =
  list.each do |i|
    temp = list - [i]
    temp.each do |j|
      nl << [j,i]
  nl.each do |k|
    a,b = k[0],k[1]
    k[0],k[1] = b,a

# 尝试删除最后生成的尺寸标注,以便更新
# Try to delete generated dimension_linear in the end
# for renew these dimension
  dim_list.each {|i| i.erase!}
  puts 'deleted'

# 接收开始创建的groups
# receive the groups that have made at beginning
group_list = [g1,g2,g3,g4,g5]
model = Sketchup.active_model
entities = model.active_entities

# 找到各组的中心点
# find the each center point of the groups
cp_list =
group_list.each do |g|
  cp_list <<

# 新建一个列表,存储即将生成的连线
# new array for storing lines
line_list =

# 将中心点数组两两配对,生成连线
# match those point for drawing lines
new_cp_list = per(cp_list)
new_cp_list.each do |cp|
  if cp[0] != cp[1]
    line = entities.add_line cp[0],cp[1]
    # 生成连线列表
    # drawing line
    line_list << line

# 再将连线数组两两配对
# match these lines
new_line_list = per(line_list)
# 储藏两线之间的夹角
# get the angle between two lines
angle_between_lines =
new_line_list.each do |l|
  vector1 = l[0].line[1]
  vector2 = l[1].line[1]
  angle = vector1.angle_between vector2
  # you can also get a degree
  # degrees = Sketchup.format_angle(angle)
  if angle < 0.1
    angle_between_lines << l

# 筛选出夹角过小的两条线
# filter those lines which angle is too small
# 比较两条线的长度,保留短的
# then keep the shorter one
eList =
angle_between_lines.each do |i|
  l1 = i[0].length
  l2 = i[1].length

  if l1 > l2
    eList << i[0]
    eList << i[1]
eList.each {|i| i.erase!}

# 剩下的线的列表
# now, we got the final lines
rList = new_line_list.flatten - eList

# 给line加上尺寸标注
# add dimension on these lines
dim_list =
rList.each do |l|
  dim = entities.add_dimension_linear l.start.position, l.end.position, [0, 0, 20]
  dim_list << dim

# erase lines and keep the dimensions
# job down
# 删除剩下的所有的线
rList.each {|i| i.erase!}

Orthogonal dimensions between the entity bounds and aligned with the model axes ?

I’m not entirely sure what the question is. Can you elaborate on what you are looking to improve?

Like the red mark, the dimension can label at the bounds of boxes.
the key is indentify the direction of bound’s face, the dimension the back-front faces or left-right face.
It is useful in planning, it can check the building interval automatically.

Do you only care about the bounding box of the groups? (Or are these groups always cubes?)

Well, of course this is a simplification, imagine buildings, or at least normal buildings, there are complex boxes, usually have many different size and direction’s faces, its better to detect that.

Yea, there are some hidden complexities here.

For instance, why did you not want a connection between these boxes?

Are the connections only perpendicular from the side of the bounds?