Automatic Arcs

With closed geometry, the arc tool will repeat the first arc on other corners by simply double clicking, a time saver to be sure. My current method is to trace over an edge with a pre-measured edge or use divide with a set number of equal length segments. Both methods are time consuming and tedious and I have 100’s to model. With geometry like the sample (lots of edges), is there a native method to create the arcs quickly with consistency (all the same)? Or maybe an extension? As always, thanks for your help.

Join the dots.
In other words add edges between the ends to enclose the shape, then delete them when finished. Assuming they are flat.

Can you envision a component containing the arc. Then you could place that component where required.

In fact, you would probably need 4 such components for the 4 possible orientations. This would simplify the positioning while avoiding rotations that would be inevitable with only one component.