Autodesk fbx converted .dae file import failed after some time, Same issue seeing .kmz/kml

Trimble sketch up pro 2022 had import all file can failed.

No one can help you with that little information. You will need to describe your problem in more detail.

I want combined 3D file in ifc format for Dialux. I am use Navis work for combined different software model in it. Export FBX format from Navis work. Fbx/Obj not import directedly in SketchUp. so, I am using fbx converter for converting .dae format, import in sketch up.
Now i am importing .dae file, after some time getting “import Failed” massage.

how i can resolve this issue.

What is the software which created the files before import them to Navis?

Some Model from Revit 2022 & Some other From Auto plant 3D

why don’t you export all models directly to ifc? In Dalux I understand that you can federate them without any problem.

I have never tried it, but I understand that Simplebim can combine IFC files directly.

There is also a web called Iloveifc where you can combine Ifc too but I don’t know why he is trying to imort to SketchUp.

try to convert by means of meshlab it helps sometimes if you get dae import errors. Just open your converted file in this program and save without making any changes to model. Or import fbx file directly in meshlab and export as dae.