Autodesk buys netfabb

Press release: Autodesk Signs Agreement to Acquire netfabb and Enter Strategic Partnership with FIT AG

maybe a good idea to grab the free Basic version until avail…

Thanks for sharing (and lets hope your fear is unfounded).


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probably not

From this page:

Instead of downloading netfabb Basic as a separate product, all customers have to do now is download the free Netfabb trial. For the first 30 days, users will have access to all the features of Netfabb Premium, including advanced packing, support structures and support for metal additive systems. When the trial expires, the software will continue to run with the same functionality that was previously netfabb Basic. For most users, it’s still the same basic Netfabb you know and love and can be used to preview, fix, and analyze STLs and much more.

Geez - it’s a 1.2 GB .exe. The old off-line installer was 7 MB. I think I’ll pass (after I entered all my information.)

Yes, smells like much more functions going offline after trial expired than in SU :wink: