AutoCAD to Sketchup Pro

Lets say I have AutoCAD files that need to be converted into Skecthup. Would anyone be interested in bringing them into Sketchup for me then sending it back? Simple conversion 5-10 mins of work? Willing to Venmo some easy cash. Thanks! appvalley

It would be helpful if you could expand on “simple conversion”. My own experience of importing DWG files is that is rarely simple, though it can be if you are happy with a pretty messy tag/layer arrangement.

What will you be doing with the converted files?

SketchUp Pro can import AutoCAD (.dwg and .dxf) files. What is the problem? Or are you working with the free version?

At least according to the OP’s profile, they are using SketchUp Free (web) which doesn’t include the option to import .dwg or .dxf files. They could use SketchUp Pro or even SketchUp Shop for that.