Auto Text Editing

My company is switching from AutoCAD to Sketchup Pro. I am in the process of creating a title block with auto text. Is there a way to quickly edit the auto text instead of having to go into document setup and individually change the fields? Is there a way to do it like AutoCAD with “attribute edit”? Is there an extension or a plugin that can do this?

Currently the only way to edit Auto Text would be to do it in Document Setup.

You could create text boxes using cells in a spreadsheet and then edit the spreadsheet and update or relink the reference.

Thanks for the info. Do you know if I could I link the text to a Microsoft Access Database file?

I doubt it. The applicable text import options are .rtf, .txt, and .xlsx. With the .xlsx insert you can choose the cell or cells you want to show. I suppose if you can create the .xlsx file from the database, you’d be in.

Ok. Again, thanks for the info. Much appreciated.

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