Auto size window in LO

Make sure when you right click, that “object snap” is checked

I admit that I am assuming one brings some discipline to the use of scenes whilst in SU. You would normally decide what you want to have visible at that stage, not once you were in LO. However, I can see that if you select an area with geometry extending outside the scene, it would then be difficult for any automation to recognise bounding geometry.

The best workaround so far is creating a border to a window so you can always see where it is. It’s far from perfect because if you only want it for editing purposes and not presentation, you would have to remember to turn it off in each window before printing. I would prefer window borders always to be faintly visible but not printable (unless you choose to make them so.

Yes it will but it won’t necessarily be the exact size of the geometry, which is where we came in. You are still likely to have a large amount of white space.

First world problem, maybe.

Layout could take some tips from “Adobe InDesign” which uses a frame/content relationship with commands to fit one to other or visa versa.

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