Auto Saved model revealed Chinese Code in Text editor - should I be worried?


I run SketchUp Make on a Mac - El Captain - often crashes - :angry: and recently opened up an Autosaved model which opened in the text editor with loads of Chinese writing/code

(Not sure that uploaded properly)

Should I be worried?



it’s not Chinese, it’s Font replacement [ going wrong ] when you attempt to open binary code in a text editor…

make sure not to edit the skp if it ever does it again, as that will break the file for use in SU…

Use ‘Always Open With’ >> SU and select apply to all .skp’s in the ‘Get Info’ panel for a skp file…



I dunno … It looks a lot like the dim sum brunch menu I wrangled with last Sunday in Chicago’s Chinatown.


It’s whatever Unicode characters the text editor thought went with the binary data it read. Unicode multi-byte characters cover all languages, so it could be a melange from multiple languages! Sort of like tex-mex Italian dim sum!