Auto name file export to PDF

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I have been searching, may have found, but could not understand the post. I use sketchup 8, don’t laugh, it works and it is all we need.

Designing a new off-road camper and we make a lot of changes in design as we go. With every change/modification I change the “save as” file name to ex; camper 68.1 or 68.2 or 68.3 as revisions are made until the final project.

I always save the latest file name when a change is made but if i export to PDF so i can print or email only the original Camper 68 is in the file name. I manually add my revision #s but it would be a lot nicer if it exported the file name i was working on.

I looked for settings and find nothing, What am i missing?

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I do not experience this, exported PDF’s share the same filename as the original file, even beyond the decimal. 2016 is the oldest version I still have working to test with but it has works fine and is the same in every version I can remember. Is this perhaps a Windows 7 thing that will not allow two periods in a file name because of a conflict with the file extension? Or perhaps file extensions are hidden so the system is not showing the part of the file name after the first period? But you can see the original .skp file with the decimalized version number?

This morning and ran a few test. If i change the file name and do not use a (.) in the name it will export to PDF using the file name. It will not recognize anything after the (.)

I do not think this was the case in the past. It is possible something in my windows 7 is preventing it from working. Either way, I will no longer use the suffix with a (.)


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Do you see the extension .skp after each file name? If not then perhaps your system is set to hide file extensions, which would explain why nothing after a period is showing up.