Auto Fill Issue?

Trying to figure out what I did or did not do. I am adding a Patio cover to a house, with before and after elevation views.Test test%202
The Patio cover does not hide the part of the door on the house. I have done this before and it has worked fine.Test 1.skp (181.7 KB)

You are trying to use 2d protocols in 3d space.
You are also using layers incorrectly.

I pasted that back in there to show the problem. The problem was there and created 2 different drawings for the project.then moved the door from the first to the second for the post.

For this drawing I am just doing it in 2D. Please explain what I am doing wrong with Layers. The Drawing i did before and it worked fine was in #D.

Read up on layers here.

Layers are only use to make certain parts of geometry visible or not visible, they don’t separate geometry.
Layer 0 should always be the active layer and you should only give Layer Tags to Groups and Components, and dimensions, never to raw geometry.

So in a 3d environment 2d layering doesn’t work. Trying to put something in front of something else to create a shape fails because you either get z-fighting (2 faces fighting for position) or as soon as you move off parallel perspective the shape changes. Or you don’t get the cover you expect.

Your drawing is more suited to Layout.

Test 1.skp (184.6 KB)
Here is one with out that group

So in the 3D drawing it covered because it was in a different plane.

Yes, which is why I said you are trying to draw 2d in a 3d world.

That make since, now that i think about it. That is why it worked in the 3D drawing that I did.

Thank you both for the speedy feed back and the Help.
I am still working on learning what it is best to do which one ( LO or SU ) and how they work together.

Simple way of looking at it.
SU is a 3d environment in which you build a 3d model.
LO is the 2d companion for making construction documents from your 3d model. It can also be used to create 2d drawings that can be brought into SU and made into 3d.

Can you bring the drawing from LO in to SU for graphics?

Yes. In a word.


Meaning yes, but I had to type more for the forum to accept the post.

Thats what i am trying to do now and unfortunately I can not get it to work. Do I need to export it to some thing else to insert it into SU?

You need to export to .dwg in LayOut, with the option Export for SketchUp

Then import in SketchUp

Check this webinar of Michael Brightman:

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@Lind69, as an alternative, we have developed a technique to create 2D drawings in SketchUp’s 3D environment. We use the attached revision of your model as a representative technique for detailing, when our team/agencies still determine conditions where “2D details” are preferred.
Test 1 (Rev1).skp (193.2 KB)

Although the final result is “2D” when printed, you can see in perspective, each element is 3D with varying heights. In this way we solve the ‘Z’ fighting phenomenon and “what is in front and what is in back” that is experienced using SketchUp to create 2D drawings. I have also revised your layers of loose geometry, groups, components, solids and naming, as an example of our office practices.

Lastly, our normal practice is to use SketchUp and LayOut in a traditional manner. As an example, here is an “In Progress” Sunshade with model created in SketchUp and presentation in LayOut (viewports, dimensions, call-outs and title block).

I was thinking something like that a an alternative as well Thank you.

I will take a look at it thanks for the help.