Authentication needs an overhaul

looks like another problem with signing in today.

Can a new system for sign-in be considered? My own system decides randomly when I need to ‘reauthenticate’ every few weeks or so and this has happened several times on the client site or before a critical meeting. my client sites are often deep in the jungle so not exactly easy to connect to the internet from.

This is an annoying feature which needs a full overhaul. We all understand the desperate need to package every single piece of software in the world as SASS now but even so, it should not require daily internet access if purchased

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I agree with the SaSS licensing requiring internet access. I work in the US but it does come up in rural areas and on planes while traveling. The latest issue I had (support emailed a response relatively quickly) was basic authentication did not auto pass forcing a log off / on for the app. I had great internet at the time too. I despised tying a license to a MAC address too. Our Firm disables the Wi-Fi adapter when hardwired to the network. I also travel a ton to different offices and use different docking stations in each office therefore getting a different MAC address every time. This constantly caused issues and the reapplication of the license.