August 2022 Developer MeetUp - Touch Interfaces that you Love

Hello Developers, it is time for another Developer MeetUp, as promised on the first Wednesday of the month 2022-08-03T14:00:00Z. Let’s talk about Touch Interfaces!

August Presentation

SketchUp has been improving its touch input capabilities for SketchUp for iPad. This has led our extensibility team to start thinking about touch interfaces, and would touch interfaces for desktop impact our extension developers? Let’s plan to get together for an hour and talk about all things touch interface related, such as:

  • Are there features and functionalities that touch interfaces create that we should consider implementing in the Desktop version of SketchUp?

  • Do you have examples of intuitive touch interfaces that other apps have made that you think we should look at? Can you show us a demo in the meeting?

  • How would you like to be using touch input in your extension?

  • Would developers need new API methods to help them handle touch/multi-touch inputs?

We are inviting everyone to bring something to share if you would like. This will be an open ended conversation, without any formal presentation from the SketchUp team.


Chris Fullmer and the entire Extensibility Team

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