Attributes not refreshing after scale command

Pretty basic DC but I an encountering a problem that the Weight calculation when I scale one block overrides the weight attribute in adjacent blocks… If I change an attribute in one of the affected blocks to then correctly displays the weight! I want to use the scale function to adjust for cut blocks… but of course also want the weights to be accurate… not sure if this is another embedded metric bug in DC’s

Attached is the sample SKP

BLOCK TEST.skp (158.9 KB)

The attributes can be updated with a “scale” fixer, this resets the component with a new definition. Mainly used to rescale material it
also updates the attributes, the downside is the #number designations

BLOCK TEST.skp (27.0 KB)

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Thanks @pcmoor, that works… so that “swatch scale” routine is a workaround to trigger an attribute refresh? just because it is an action call after the LWC Block definition…?

I guess it would be nice if DC’s had a simple “refresh” function but I guess that is not going to happen!