Attribute inspector not working

hi. I am trying to set an attribute to multiple components at once. I ve seen @MikeWayzovski doing it with aerilus attribute inspector. installed the plugin but it shows no attributes at all.
is it possible that it is not working with skp2019?
usual I use the eneroth attribute editor but I did not find the way to do it with this tool.
thanks a lot.

Hi, i did not managed to get it to work, either. Perhaps @Aerilius knows more?

hi @MikeWayzovski I did not ask him yet.
want to ask you . did try to set attributes to miltiple components in different way than wia attribute inspector? I tried to do it with attribute editor but unfortunately it doesn’the do that job.

Then, the next step is to use ruby…
If you need moor help with pc, ping @pcmoor

thank you Mike,