Assign Layer to Profile Builder 3 Assembly


Is there an option to assign a layer (tag) to an assembly similar to how you can assign a layer to a profile member in PB3? For example, I’d like two profile members to be assigned to the layer ELEMENT_Trim, and the assembly I create from those two profile members to be assigned to the layer ELEMENT_Roof

Not that I am aware of, and I use the extension a fair amount. As I expect you know, you can place the profiles in a layer. And the assemblies remain selected after the placement so it is easy to move them to a tag.

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Correct, you’ll need to assign the assembly to a tag / layer after creation but the profiles and components inside the assembly can use pre-assigned tags.

I leave the windows in the tags created by the extension tags, then select the windows for each floor and place them in tags for each floor. That way, I can have a scene that is only the windows and doors for each floor.

In Layout, the top layers of the plans are the scene of windows and doors only. The reason is most times, no section plane cuts through all windows. So, the section plan is around +4’.