Asking the questions Correctly?


Been searching for answers to problems I come across in Skletchup make but find no answers. It could be I am not phrasing the questions correctly so here goes:

  1. How do I get a file I pasted into my layout to nap to the current axis?
  2. Is the a mutli-point (more than three) Bezier curve plotter?
  3. How do I find/get the link to my files in the 3D warehouse to paste here if I have a file to use in my question?
    A) I have two files there now with one being a horizontal stabilizer I have been trying to cover/curve or whatever it’s called
  4. Where are the best videos demonstrating each tool and their use?

Sketchup has been fun and educational for me, but it also has given me headaches as I learn how to use it!


“Nap to the current axis?” I could use a nap but I’m not sure what you mean.

What is the file type? Are you referring to adding it to an existing SketchUp file?

Is “the… Bezier curve plotter” what? There is no native Bezier tool but there’re some extensions that will allow you to draw Bezier curves. Look in the Extension Warehouse and the Sketchucation Extension Store.

Navigate to your 3D Warehouse model in your Internet Browser and copy the link.

Ok. Is there a question?

Start with the basic videos under Learn on the SketchUp site or use this link.


Can’t find anything about NAP however I enter it

Have Bezier Curve and was wondering if there was one using more than three points.

When I go to the 3D Warehouse it opens a new screen without any address bar.

The question I posted last week(?) was how to either push/pull, extrude, or drape a surface over a complex muti-faceted shape. I have no Idea what the proper terms are! The file I have in the 3D warehouse was to link to the question so someone could see the Horizontal Stabilizer model I am working on and send me to the right place and learn how it’s done.

Going to keep searching for the particular video to fit my particular situation

Thanks for the response


Maybe you just need to find a quiet corner to curl up in.

With that one, when you start the tool, it shows 3 in the measurements window. Type a new number if you want more points. Fredo’s Bezier Spline lets you click new control points until you get tired of it. Double click to create the last one. Edit the curve and click on the orange lines between control points to add more.

You might try looking for less specific applications for skinning your stab. Draping is probably not the right thing unless you want a saggy skin. Post the link to your stab model and I bet we can come up with a slick way to skin it. there’s surely more than one way.


Found out I have to go to the 3D warehouse from the internet as accessing 3D Warehouse from within Sketchup was the problem. Here is the Horiz Stab link.


NAP ? or SNAP ? (I’ll assume the second and that your “S” key doesn’t work quite right.)

SketchUp uses inference snaps. You need to stop moving the cursor for a second near vertices, axes, midpoints and so on, for the inference to be suggested. So have patience.

If you are inserting one of your models from the 3D Warehouse, or a component collection, you can rotate it after placing it. See in the User Guide:

The Instructor panel will display help on each native tool as it is activated.
I’d suggest creating a new tray called “Help” and putting the “Instructor” panel into it.
Window > New Tray… (then type the tray name, and check the box for the Instructor panel.)
(You only need to do this tray create once.)
Then open the tray, you can have it floating, or docked.
Then watch the content change as you activate the various native tools.
(The Instructor help content has direct links into the online User Guide.)

Re: video tutorials will be posted at the official SketchUp YouTube channel:


That link points to a collection of various models and components by various authors. I don’t see a horizontal stab at all.


Why not just tell the guys your:

Warehouse username/ model name in warehouse.

They should be able to find it and give you some pointers, your obviously having problems with getting the link…


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