As my School's G Suite for Education IT Administrator, how do I deploy SketchUp for Schools?

Okay, you’re on the whitelist now. @ckirch

Can you please whitelist Will this cover sub-domains? If not please add the following:

@abusby I put all three domains on our whitelist just to be safe. It should work now.

Hello, Would you be able to white list our K12 domain? We use Schoology as our primary LMS and do not want to turn on Google Classroom. Thank you for your help! Carolyn Bush - Caesar Rodney School District

@Carolyn.BUsh your school is on the whitelist now.

Can you please our K-8 domain “” for Sketchup for Schools?


Can you please whitelist following domains as well? and


Hi @renat @Abijah21 your domains are on our whitelist now.

Joy Can you please whitelist

We have been getting the “Are you sure your in the right place?” page when kids login to use it.

Can you please whitelist for Sketchup for Schools.

Kind regards,


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@billy.ruhlen @frankkohne353 your domains are whitelisted.

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We are experiencing the same “are you in the right place” errors and cannot login. Can you add us to the whitelist as well?


@sfitzsim added.

Thanks for the quick action and replay guys!