Arrow axis movement

New Make 2017 has some bugs or Something had changed. The Arrow Keys do not restrict an axis movement.
Also when I orbit around my drawing it distorts and portions disappear.

Not until after you start the move. Begin to move the selection and then hit the cursor key of choice.

Describe “distorts”. Or better, post a screen shot of what you’re seeing.

As for portions disappearing, likely you’re seeing clipping. This is not new to SketchUp 2017. There are two main reasons this happens. One is that you have entities situated at a great distance from the origin. The other is that the camera is too close to the model and you are working in Parallel Projection. You can do a search for clipping and read more than you ever want to know.

It sounds as if you may be encountering Clipping Plane issues. Search this forum for that term. Normal recovery is to Zoom Extents and/or use Camera/Perspective projection while modelling.

The zoom extents fixed it. I’ve never seen this issue before.
That you!!

Lucky for you. I don’t see it frquently but some people do. It depends on what you’re modeling and how you do it.

Thanks for you email and advice.

Is there a way to create complex curves easily. I design a lot of bags and cases. Giving them a sense of reality and softness seem difficult.

For example, a rounded edge box. I’ve been using the follow me tool. Beveled edges are tedious.

To create the curves, you could use a Bezier curve plugin - there are at least a couple. Try both - they work slightly differently.

Search for ‘Bezier’ in the SketchUcation plugin store as well as the Extension warehouse.

You could also try the Smoove tool in the Pro Sandbox tools, or the Soapskin Bubble plugin, to create the 3D curved surfaces.

Not really my field, but these tools should help, I think.

Others on the forum may have other or better advice based on hands-on experience of using these or other tools for this purpose.

There are numerous extensions available such as Fredo’s Round Corner and his Bezier Spline extension and Curviloft. Those and many more are available from Sketchucation. The Extension Warehouse has other tool that would probably be useful. ThomThom’s Vertext Tools and Whaat’s Artisan would be handy.

I used Bezier curves and Round Corner to draw the case of this clock, for example.

The same for this child’s trike.

The piecrust design on the edge of this table top was done quite easily with the Bezier Spline tools and Follow Me.

This flame finial was done witha variety of tools. The lower half with Bezier curves and Follow Me, the top with Besier curves and Curviloft.

You will find it best if you are very fluent in the native tools before you start adding all sorts of extensions.

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