Array functions on guideline tool


I use guide lines a lot. For everything.

I would like it if the array functionality (eg. x8 or /3 etc) was available when guidelines are created.
At the moment you have to create a guideline and then use the move/copy tool to gain this functionality.
It would be faster and more intuitive if these functions were built into the guide line tool.

Examples of how this might work:

Create a guide from and edge and type:
600 x6 or etc to specify the distance and number of copies

Or create a guideline from an edge and set it by picking another edge then type:
/5 to create guidelines at the correct divisions.




Not that this directly addresses your request, and not that it isn’t a fair request, but just for the sake of discussion, let me put this out there.

I also used to use guidelines to position things all the time, until I realized it was just as easy (easier, actually, as your request recognizes) to simply position the things themselves and dispense with the guidelines. I hardly ever use guidelines now–I find that they make an annoying and pervasive clutter with their infinite length, and I really don’t miss them. When I do use guidelines, I prefer the ones of finite length you can make with some plugins. I use guide points more often, which can’t really even be made with the native tools.

You should look at some of the guide tools in the Extension Warehouse.