Are there problems having models in my file, located in different HDs?

Can this slow down my file?

Ideally, any file you work with should be on a local hard drive (as opposed to a could drive, usb drive, flash/thumb drive).

can I have one in my Main SSD drive and the other in the D disc? Because I am out of space in the SSD…

You’ll find it will slow down opening and autosave/ save , but I imagine the model is all loaded to your RAM, rather than streaming from disc, so I don’t think it will make a big difference beyond that.

Is this a feature request or just a question??

i had issues with layout across network drives specifically if document setup was open on the references panel

Working from local drives should not be an issue. Real problems start to show up when you try to work with remote or temporary drives. This can cause slow downs or corruption of file or even losing entire jobs!