Are advertisements being injected into the Discourse page headers?

Are advertisements being injected into the Discourse page headers ?

This happened to me…

I even saw this a few hours later when I was not signed in.

I closed the forum site.
I opened Chrome settings, disabled “Developer mode” and any “Developer mode extensions”.
Restarted Chrome, re-opened the SketchUp forums and the injection was no longer there.

Keeping fingers crossed.

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Happened here too. Don’t like it.
Thank you for the tips!

Keeping fingers crossed too.

@sam - any idea what this might be?

Now I saw it as well:

@AlexB - know what this is?

…and upon next page load it is gone…

I’m using Chrome with Adblock and it gets through: must be an injected part of the web page code rather than a standard ad.

It should be removed now :slight_smile: Can any one confirm that they can still see it?

It appeared sporadic for me. I’ll poke you if I observe it again.

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I actually just saw it 5 minutes ago - but then cleared my cache and so far the devil hasn’t come up again…!

Now the page headers will not float to the top of the frame. There’s an inch of wasted space at the top.

Now there are “bloggertricks” links being injected.
Seems Discourse is under attack.

I still see them too - am working on it :unamused:

… and again just a minute ago.

It pushes the SketchUp Forum header down just over an inch, and locks it there.

Since being reported, I have not encountered this issue. Chrome with AdBlock on desktop and Chrome OS on Chromebook with AdBlock.

Occasionally though, AdBlock indicates it has been blocking one item when a thread is open.

Edit: AdBlock is now blocking 15 items when viewing the main forum page. One item is being blocked when writing this update on this thread page. Happily the extension is working, and I don’t see any added garbage.

from the HTML source (body):

<nav id="nav-global">
<div class="nav-global-wrapper">
<li><a href="">Blog</a></li>
<li><a class="mbt1" href="">Services</a></li>
<li><a class="mbt2" href="">Contact</a></li>

I saw that bloggertricks links as well, and after a refresh they turned into links to our facebook, twitter and blog.

I have no idea what’s going on here…

gremlins be about…

Discourse 1.3.0 beta 10 is avail

Still happening and it is so annoying. The gray headers get locked down in the content area.

I visited the Discourse forum and it doesn’t happen there. So maybe it’s just that is being hacked ?

No word from @sam ?

So sorry, these messages were routed out of my inbox, just pushing a build here in case we fixed it in the last week, let me know if its resolved.