Arcs with bases normal to ground

I am making an arc out of a “pipe” using the arc tool to make a path, then the follow me tool to extrude a circle along said path. But my base is not normal to the ground. How do i accomplish this?

do i need an extension to do this?

I know i can lower the arch down a bit, and then trim it normal with solid tools, but then my height is off. What would be best practice for this?

thank you

Use a circle and rotate it so the edge is perpendicular.

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Oh come on, you’ve been around long enough and asked enough questions to understand this basic principal! Stop being a newby.

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Thanks dave. I followed what you did then added to it. I remembered a little trick from last year that i did when using the follow me tool and unions. I had to extend the line i was working with. Your post jogged that memory of mine, then box said i was acting like a newb, so i sat down and thought like a pro, and then it came to me.

Thanks box for calling me a newb. I am acting like one. I swear, as soon as a new semester starts, today, everything else leaves my brain. haha.

ok, i used solid tools to accomplish this. However, is there another way with this than using solid tools? I have never used curvi-loft, but would it extrude a pipe along a path and keep the base normal? Even though i can do this with solid tools, knowing another way that works is good to know:) oh, and intersect faces is a good way to.

thanks guys

Stop with the solid tools, just use intersect. As long as the face cuts through the shape it will intersect with it, just like in the real would.

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i did try it that way:) im just showing the solid tool method because thats what i happened to record.

but the intersect faces seemed to be a touch faster because i didnt have to extrude the rectangle. just erase it and call it good.

Curviloft doesn’t look too bad with a flat-lying circle on each end of an arc like what you have., but the resulting pipe is distorted, flattened into an oval. Three circles- one straight up midpoint along the arc gives better results.

Bet. Ive never used curviloft nor do i have it installed yet. Thanka for the reply