Archways and Breezeways for a Queenslander House

Does anyone know where I can get models of Archways and Breezeways for a Queenslander House for putting in my Sketchup Models?

It would be worth searching in 3D Warehouse for Queenslander, or breezeway maybe:

Breezeway columns and arches

Sorry, should have said I have already done this

Maybe your terms are too regional… are you referring to iron lacework?

Hi, I thought it was well known terms but I mean:

BREEZEWAY - goes above doors and is like latticework
ARCHWAY - this is internal - like between a lounge and a dining room


Just to confirm: something like this image for Breezeway?

Although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more ‘lacework’ looking ironwork than this. It wouldn’t be difficult to draw this in SU.

Or like this for Archway?

Could you just use a transparent image instead of making a detailed drawing, if you can find a suitable picture?

Seems like some pretty simple geometry… you would probably save time and energy just modeling it yourself!

Aaron - easy for you :slight_smile: I could try

Hey John - Breezeways on left and right (above doors) and the archway is internal and has a top something like the one in this hallway but then has a place in the middle to place an item on and then panels underneath - hard to explain without a picture, I will try and insert one

A photo say more as thousands words - just my two (euro) cents :nerd_face::crazy_face: