Arc Tool questons

Hello! There are two ways SU determines how to draw an arc. Id like to have the choice when to use which option… Preferably Id like to use the one that draws an arc based on radius and not diameter… How can I do that? On the video you can see SU determines the way of drawing quite randomly…

Another question. Why sometimes it makes smooth arc and sometimes it shows all the lines arc is made of? (Pic below)

Thanks for help!

Drawing an Arc by Radius

I encountered this situation when using a Mirror plugin

Certain actions explode arcs, follow me for one, or working too small.

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I have no idea what that video is trying to show but it is not teaching how to use the arc tools.

There are three arc tools and the pie tool.

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The Mirror extension uses temporary groups to perform the operations.
When the temporary group is exploded in code an arc can be exploded with it - it’s a known limitation of SketchUp’s group explode method when the group has been transformed - i.e. scaled -1

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Thanks for the explanation, @TIG! However, I have always used the TIG: Mirror plugin over the years. It was the first plugin I installed every time for a new SketchUp installation. Thank you!