AR Viewing in 3D Warehouse

Thank you for your confidence! “Soon” would be excellent, but, in the spirit of transparency, we have made a handoff to our graphics engineering team. They will review the work soon to see if it can be prioritized to fit into this program increment (PI). Let’s check back in a few weeks. Thank you for understanding.

okay! thanks

Hi @TheGuz @colin ,
I hope you’re doing well!
Any news plz for my last prob of ar viewing texture?

Today made a model library of some products but have not been able to view them through 3D Warehouse AR - various Android versions. The feature is not working anymore for other 3DWH models as well.

Might there be anything wrong with the models? Link

Works great in the Viewer app and on iPad Pro.
I have noticed some missing faces, when viewing some AR models. Only way I was able to solve them was by exploding all Components.

I’ll take a look at that now.

Great looking models! I tested the following on iOS.

  1. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  2. Did not properly render a USD and/or GLB file so the View in AR button was inactive- 3D Warehouse

  3. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  4. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  5. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  6. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  7. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  8. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  9. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  10. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  11. Worked as expected - 3D Warehouse

  12. Worked as expected (on the second attempt) - 3D Warehouse

So, all this tells us is that the USD format appears to be rendering properly for a majority of the models when viewing on an iPhone 13 Pro running iOS 17.5 beta. I will request a re-render for item #2 to see if that fixes that USD file. I don’t have my Android device near me at this time to test the GLB files but can give it a test next week. I’ll be back in a bit to see how re-rendering #2 works out.

No, this one is still giving us a hard time with generating a USD file. 3D Warehouse

Let me send this over to @Jake_from_SketchUp to see if he can bring it up with the team working with those systems.

Last attempt. I ran a ‘purge unused’ and CleanUp3 extension on it and then reuploaded here 3D Warehouse

We’ll see if any of that made a difference.

Thank you!

How are you viewing the models on iPhone? Just checked from 14 Pro and don’t even see an option to “View in your space”. Do I have to enable something or AR just doesn’t work on iPhone 3DWH?

I’d like to make a tutorial video of how anyone can use these 3d models, to create a quick AR visualisation to share with neighbors, but want to understand, how reliably works on different devices.

The model you linked includes hidden elements, so that might be a problem. It’s made for easy presentation with Scenes, without making extra Tags, so it still would be possible to hide elements.

On that note - I like that I can turn Tags on and off, while presenting in AR mode in the iPad app, but if I use Scenes, then the model placement is reset.