April 2019 -->19.1.173 upgrade Not installing over 19.0.684?

19.1.173 upgrade Not installing over 19.0.684 ?
mac High Sierra

Downloaded the linked dmg file - double clicked and I had to get our (Busy) IT guy to use secret admin password - the install seemed to ‘load’ but the "Version 19.0.684’ is still indicated after reboot etc.
‘Release notes’ give no clues - do we delete the existing files from Applications folder (just afraid of loosing settings/ shortcuts/ extensions etc.

You did quit and restart, correct? At least your bytes count is the correct one for 19.1

yes, see edit above. Will try the install from scratch an report in.

My guess is he/she didn’t clear the xattr, SketchUp launched quarantined, etc…

Will pass along your comment and hope we can get a chance to try again in the next couple of days. Thx.

Was SketchUp running when you did the install? One time I had an update fail to “take” when the prior version was running. No message or indication of error, just still got the previous version.

That is possible. IT guy fixed it up, not sure of how, I was at a meeting … left him with the note from Barry - Now all good. 19.1… Thx !

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