Approaching a Project

I am going to begin a project for a client who is interested in a custom built-in bookcases and bar. Obviously this will be going into an existing space in their house. I intend to approach the project in the following way, and I am looking for advice and/or affirmation.

  1. Measure existing room
  2. Create 2D drawing of existing floor plan with dimensions
  3. Add built-ins and bar to 2D floor plan with dimensions
  4. Get client approvals on placements
  5. Create 3D drawing of floor plan with guidelines at key dimensions (bar height, width; bookshelf height, width, shelve heights, etc.)
  6. Add 3D design of bar and bookcases
  7. Get client approvals on designs
  8. Create shop drawings for construction

How do you approach your projects of this type?

I’ve done lots of this kind of thing for a professional woodworker. We’ve done many built-ins as well as free-standing furniture. I’ve never bothered with 2D stuff for the client. In my experience, most clients can’t correctly translate 2D drawings into 3D. I would make a 3D model of just enough of the room to put the casework in and then make simple 3D models of the cases. I make each cabinet a component and then add things like simple crown moldings and other basic details. Just enough to get the idea across without making the model difficult to edit later. I would also go light on materials. Probably not show any materials at first.

After first approval and probably some change requests, I’d make the modifications and add additional details if needed. Once final approval is received, I would detail the model to make the required construction docs with cut lists and such.

LayOut makes it easy to create the proposal stuff as well as the construction documents.

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