Applying light grey color on surface isn't working


I am working on mac with Sketchup PRO 2022. I need to apply a light grey on surfaces (color code is EEEBE4) and Sketchup is not taking it into account, the surface stay white. But there is no problem with darker grey or other color.
It is the same in any project I open (the one I am currently working on or a totally new one).
Is someone having the same problem ? Is it a bug with the 2022 release of Sketchup ? (I didn’t try it on an older one…).

Thanks for your help.

How do you know it hasn’t been applied? Have you tried to see the surface from a different angle?

Did you sampled the material on your model and check to see it’s properties?

This is in Windows 10 (and from a certain angle, it looks the same color as white)

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Yes, at first I thought it was just not really visible. But if I use the eye dropper after the coloring in grey and it still says that the surface is white :

Check the Shadows settings to get a more accurate color. Shaders are standard set to 80 for light and 45 for dark. The ‘Use sun for shadows’ is turned of:

But then you won’t have the shader-effect, anymore:


There may be an error in your Mac, but …

You show in the image the color that appears on the screen, but did you check the settings of the material in the Materials Panel (as I showed you in the gif)?


To turn off all shading and to match all faces in the model with the samples in the materials browser

  • turn on “use sun for shading”
  • turn off shadows
  • set the Light slider to 0%
  • set the Dark slider to 80%

What eye dropper tool are you using? It doesn’t look like the one in SketchUp. It appears to be giving you the perceived value and not the actual one.

I am using the eye dropper of the color panel, but clearly it gives me the perceived color and not the actual one.

Thank you for the tip, this is working !

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Almost, that’s why I nudged between 79 and 81.

Might be that I need to callibrate my monitor or change color profile:


You are sampling using the MAC material pallet eye dropper. Unlike the Windows pallet version, the Mac pallet eye dropper tool is a screen capture color sampler that returns the value of whatever pixel you have it over when you click. It does not sample the material applied in SketchUp, on a Mac only the paint bucket modifier eye dropper can do that. So you might be applying the grey correctly (which looks white with the sun shading) and then sampling the sun shading pixel color (not the applied texture) which is returning white. Sample with the paint bucket modifier.