Applying 2 onClick functions?

So the title covers the issue, I have a kitchen here, and it’s for VR use. I have done this in the past and only needed one function. However, I am rotation on the Z axis and while the ANIMATE function affects the rotation, I also need to move the object on the Y axis at the same time. I can’t seem to find any sources or material on how to add an “if” or another similar function after the onClick function is finished with the object rotation. Also, the object isn’t being pushed by anything, so adding a function to another group won’t work.

EDIT: I found my solution, for anyone that does read this looking for an answer, if you want to both rotate and move the position, simple add a semicolon at the end. It would look something like this ANIMATE(“RotZ”,0,90); ANIMATE("Y"0,20)

Add a ‘;’ between the functions.