Appending materials to default folders


Hi everyone

As the title implies, I want to add materials to the default libraries. I know this was possible in older versions since Sketchup had its own folders for default materials but it seems to have changed in SU 2017. I tried adding folders with the same name to my ‘user’ materials folder but instead of merging the two folders together it creates a new one (i.e: Wood<1>). Is there any way to modify the default materials libraries?

I’m aware this is not advisable since any materials I keep in the default libraries would get deleted when uninstalling my current SU version but I don’t mind this at all.

Thanks in advance


The native material libraries are stored in C://Program Data. Check the permissions and adjust them to make sure you can write to the native folders.

Did you install SU2017 using Run as administrator?


That’s exactly what I wanted, I don’t remember whether I ran the installer as administrator or not but it worked just fine. Thanks a lot!


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