App crashes on startup


Well, that’s really all it does. Can’t really say much more about it. I get the start screen (grey with logo) and then it fails. Maybe my iPad is too old & crancky?


Well, that’s not good. But I’m happy to try to help you figure out what’s going on.

  1. Are there any updates for the app available on the App store? If so, you should install them.
  2. Have you tried restarting your device? If not, you should give that a shot.
  3. What version of iOS are you running? If you’re able to upgrade to the latest version of iOS, you might want to give that a shot too.

Another side note. The SUMV app uses a lot of memory. So for best results, you’ll want to quit most, if not all other apps that may be running before launching the SUMV app.

If neither of the above were helpful, could you please help us track down what the issue might be, by giving us some additional information about your iPad (e.g. what year, model, etc)?

And If you’re on an older version of iOS and for some reason, can’t upgrade, please let us know what version of iOS you have installed.


Hi Mike,

I too have just installed SUMV on my iPhone 6, iOS 8.3 and am finding it to be very unstable.

Yesterday I was able to open 12mb models from Trimble Connect, but today the app will not stay open for more than 10secs before it quits.

Any thoughts - is frustrating as the new app promises to be very useful.

Sketchup Mobile Viewer crashes on Iphone 4

I am also using iphone 6 with latest software update, but still it crash.