Anyone know why this model keeps crashing?

This model keeps crashing, I cant get anything done!
Any solutions would be greatly appreciated!!Ao6BWEpb2dDPlxVyvJ3VL5sQRaP-

The model is loaded with highly detailed foliage, to the tune of over 4.6 Million edges. This is most likely overwhelming your computer and causing the crashes (it certainly overwhelms mine!). Do you really need so much detail in what is really entourage?

Thanks for responding
I need trees in the background and that was something I found in 3d warehouse…

A low poly option is 2D face me trees. Sometimes they look more realistic than 3D trees because they’re pictures. They have tons of 2D face me trees in the 3D Warehouse. I like to search by most liked to get the best results.


As has been said, the high poly trees and bushes are the problem.

• Create two new Layers; Bushes and Trees
• Assign the tree and bush components to their respective layer.
• Turn those layers on when necessary. Otherwise, leave them off.

Have a look over here…

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The models in the 3D warehouse were built for various purposes and many are way too detailed for practical use. Always download a 3DW model into a separate empty model and check its statistics in entity info before putting it into your real model. Think about what role it plays in your model and decide whether it is either too detailed or too crude for your needs. In your specific case, the house is the heart of the model, so it makes little sense to devote a thousand (!) times more geometry to the foliage. Search for lower poly trees or even images to use instead.


Wedgeport 1F Floorplan.skp (261.4 KB)

Does anyone know why its my floorplan is acting weird on the surface?
What does it mean when it does that, hard to explain please see attached file.

Thank you!!!

See this video by Aidan Chopra

A face flashes when I orbit

Given the sticky behavior of geometry in SU, it’s wise to organize the model into separate, easy to work with parts. Make logical portions into Components as you build the model, not after it’s finished.

Model first, then paint.
The black paint you’ve applied to the model makes it impossible to see Edges and reversed Faces…

Wedgeport 1F Floorplan_Fixed.skp (172.2 KB)

I’m trying to do that, I’ve been using SketchUp in an unorganized manner for so long its difficult!
I need to watch some videos on how to properly organize via components groups and layers

Thank YOU!


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See if this version suits your fancy. :grin:

Wedgeport 1F Floorplan_Fixed_002.skp (162.9 KB)

Bear in mind, using a full-time 3D modeler as a 2D drafting tool comes with some drawbacks.
Dashed / stitched lines used in 2D drafting don’t exist in a 3D model reflecting the real world.

Those edges that do not support a face (aka lonely edges) eventually cause problems where some edges that should support a separate face may fail to properly cut the face.

Thanks :sweat_smile: :pray:
I have always used SketchUp for 3D, so i figured I’d use it for that as well.
Do you know of a better alternative?

Which tool is appropriate depends upon what you deem to be suitable output.
If you’re after pretty floor plans with elaborate fills, fancy fonts and color logos, then use LayOut.
Try something simpler if all you want are Plain Jane B&W construction drawings with highly legible plain text.

I’ve used the Pro version of this little 2D CAD program for twelve years.
It plays well with SU Pro via import/export DXF.
I often draw complex 2D stuff in SU, because the tools and ease of use are superior.
Then I bring a DXF from SU into CadStd for assigning lineweights, dimensioning, annotation and title block.
I find the built in PDF export particularly appealing.

How do I switch that file back to ft and in?

Look to the top menus…

Widow > Model Info > Units

Thank you!

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