Anyone know why sketchup free is glitching and being really slow on my computer

Usually, it is the software running that causes troubles.
What browser do you use and what version is it?

Even though you are using the web version, I asked for the detailed spec’s primarily to see what the graphics system is. Do you have the latest drivers installed?

I am using Google chrome and I have an Acer Aspire S13

How fast is your internet connection?

My internet connection is 50/20

What apps beside SU do you have open? How many browser tabs are open?

I have Google chrome open and usually 3 or 4 other tabs open

Don’t know if this will help, but I’ve noticed (using SketchUp Make) that as the file size starts approaching 100mb SketchUp starts taking more time to update scenes, save the project etc.

What I do when that happens is break the scene up in to parts. As example, I might put interior scenes in one file, and exterior scenes in another, thus reducing the size of both files, making them easier to work with.

Haven’t really used SketchUp Free, so don’t know how relevant this is to your situation. However, you could try SketchUp Make (also free) and see if that helps.

One thing to try is to turn off Profiles. That will speed up complex models on most computers.

Try closing the other tabs, browser tabs are memory hogs. Another items to consider is the size of the model as referenced by Nuke and the suggestion by Colin to turn off profiles.

Another thing that takes time is SketchUp building thumbnails for all the components included in the file you import.

well, I don’t know what is going on either but something is definitely wrong with the free version. It is not my computer nor my internet connection. I haven’t been on Sketchup in a couple of years but went in today to try to put together a kitchen table. Performance is really bad, can’t access templates like Woodworking that I used to access, can’t use some of the tools like the dimension tool properly. Really disappointing performance.

SketchUp Make still available here:

Totally free, and apparently with a fuller feature set than the web version. I’m no expert, only been doing this a month, but I’m loving SketchUp Make.

I’m guessing (only a guess) that the download link to SketchUp Make will vanish at some point, so you might want to download it now even if you’re not ready to try it.

I don’t see this “bad performance” that you report. It works fine for me in Chrome. Maybe you could be specific. What is bad about the performance?

I recorded a video while I modeled a kitchen table. I was making it up as I went along so it’s not as efficient as it could be but that’s on me, not on SketchUp. This is in real time, not sped up. Too much background noise here right now to record narration so I just added some music but you can turn that off.

What did the Woodworking template give you that you can’t set in SketchUp Free?

What is it about the Dimension tool that doesn’t work properly for you? It does what it says for me. I wouldn’t mind if there was an option for Fractional units instead of only Architectural but it is usable as is.

Thanks very much for your note Dave. I don’t know what was going on either but I couldn’t get the dimension to work at all, just wouldn’t be anything clickable on the page to start a dimension. I got in today and everything seems to be fine. Again, not sure what was going on. Honestly, I don’t know what the Woodworking template has that the generic one doesn’t have. I just noted that it wasn’t available for me anymore yet when I looked up the help, it clearly showed that we should be able to select the Woodworking template. I only had 3 templates to choose from. At any rate, I defaulted back to my 2017 desk top version of Sketchup which is always my fall back if there are issues on the web and I nearly completed my table design yesterday on that.

Thanks again,

That would imply that you were looking at a Help article for the desktop version and not the web version.

You should try again with SketchUp Shop. If you watched any of my video you should see that it is entirely workable.

Good luck.

also, awesome video, thanks. I can end up doing detailed drawings for my projects but since I don’t use the program frequently enough, it takes me about 3-4X longer than what it took you for that trestle!


Sounds like you need more projects so you can get more practice.

Me too please someone help I can’t open Trimble connect and save my current project. I’ve tried it for more than 10 times and I can only open my file but not save it

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