Anyone interested in making models for free?


is there a way to take a picture put it into sketchup and it will create a 3d model from that image without me having to copy the shapes on the image. if not is there a simple and fast way to create the air seeder tank.


No. The best thing to do is learn how to use the tools and get started modeling. Break it down into manageable pieces and model each one making it a component before moving on to the next one.


ok, thanks


is there a website that woul have the all the dimensions and pieces that the drills are made of. I have looked but havent been able to find any blueprints for them, Im also not sure if Im searching the correct thing.


Those would generally be specific to the manufacturer of the machine.


WOW! Incredible project.


Would anyone be willing to create these two models for me as I currently do not have enough time to and want to get these one fairly soon. if anyone would be interested please let me know.


I think @TheOnlyAaron has made one:


Is there anyone that has created this air seeder before?


While you at it, i want to renovate my house… blablalbal


Although hinted at, no one has actually asked the question: “If I did model this super complex thing for you … for FREE … what do I get in return? A crick in my neck, a sore shoulder from manipulating the mouse for hours, and eye strain that requires a new eyeglass prescription?”

I get that the OP is interested in getting “right to work” making the physical model, but sheesh. What’s in it for the poor schlub who agrees to take on this task?


Also, if you have enough information to make a SU Model, then you have enough info to make it out of wood.




i know but i want to get all the angles figured out before i create the model out of wood


So maybe you should do the modeling to figure all that out yourself. Having someone else do it doesn’t help much to learn.


Perhaps some props could be starting points for kit b saying. Type in “digger propcollection” (one word) and check out the collection


Kit bashing


Haha, that was exactly what I thougt!

I dont have time to do this but want it done fairly soon, and for free!


Can’t this forum has a little class, and not alow beggers to operate here?


I am rather fond of the free help I get here. I try to pay it forward but the balance is still in my favor. :smirk: