Anybody use Cutlist?


2’ wide scrap bin.skp (649.0 KB)

Took me forever to figure out what the problem was. Cutlist will not generate a layout for sheet goods on any of my parts that have dados. The base, which has no dados or rabbets, will layout fine.

Cutlist is reading any sections with dados, as “material not defined”, therefore it isn’t seeing “plywood” and so it won’t generate a layout.


PS- If you dont have cutlist and are interested in playing, its at the Extension Warehouse:


Your model has some peculiar nesting that is confusing Cutlist. It tries to include only the most deeply nested components or groups, based on the assumption that they are the “parts” and their containers are “assemblies”. So, for example, your “back” has a nested group named “dados” that contains two nested groups named “Group#3” and “Group#4”. Cutlist considers only those two Groups to be parts that should be reported. But actually these nested groups are all geometry that could have been cut directly into the back board instead of handled as nested groups.

In the attached, I fixed up the “back” and “right divider” components. I left the rest for you as an exercise since that is how you will learn what you are doing wrong.

2’ wide scrap bin.skp (710.9 KB)


Thank you!!! I’m a novice, I nested the way I did because I’m attempting to create a scalable project. Right now I’ve figured out how to do much of it, however the dados are still not scaling properly. This is another issue and not germane to the posted question. However, if you get a chance, try to scale that project and watch what happens.

I’ll work on the Cutlist problem based on your input. Thanks again!!!


To cause various geometry to scale differently than other (e.g. for your dados to stay fixed depth while the thickness of the board changes, or to track the width of the board that sits in them), you will need to use dynamic components. They are Pro version only, and an entire (complicated) subject in themselves. If you have the Pro version, search help for dynamic components, study the various videos and documentation pages, and then try them. Be prepared to get confused and come back for help (I have wrestled with DC’s a few times and never really got the hang…). If you have only the Make version, you are out of luck :disappointed:

PS: It’s not clear that Cutlist and DC’s are mutually compatible!


In regards to cutlist and multiple part DCs they require an intermediate stage or sub_component within the component to allow outershell/explosion before cutlist can correctly report them
attached are examples, the connected surfaces are not hidden to hint that they require outer-shelling. Each can be (right-clicked) and saved in to a component folder. The various attributes can be changed, and even scaled if the option is correctly chosen. Once happy one then enters into the lower level (double click or use outliner) to perform. the required outer-shell then explode.
This absorbs the hidden alternatives and destroys the the outer-shell group’ leaving a solid with the original cover and details that can be taken off using cutlist or any other reporter.

of course it loses its dynamic ability, but this can be reinstated using the swap menu item in the Dynamic options menu. As they share a similar definition they will update to the current attributes in the cover dialog.

There is a “factory” or template drawing which I will shortly upload on my warehouse page (say within 3 days) enabling anyone to create DC with the same attributes for any moulding without having the pro capabilitiesmoulding examples.skp (244.5 KB)