Any way to change measurements toolbar larger

The issue comes from many applications (including SketchUp) being built to screens with a fixed pixel size as it was common for decades. With the introduction of high-resolution screens, operating systems allow to adjust the user interface scale. However still some elements of the user interface are drawn to a fixed size in pixels, while others respect the global scale.

There are generally two approaches to get an application readable that does not work correctly with different resolutions:

  • you can decrease the resolution of your entire screen (use 1600×900 instead
    of 3200×1800). This makes everything and the whole desktop blurry.

  • in Windows 8.1 you can keep the desktop sharp (3200×1800, scaling: 200%) and decrease the resolution only inside specific applications:
    right-click the executable or shortcut and enable in the properties “display scaling on high-dpi settings”.

It would be great if you could give feedback whether the second solution gives the expected result, if not please post a screenshot of the SketchUp application window and the SketchUp.exe/Properties/Compatibility dialog.