Any settings/preferences for guides?

Is there any way to keep guides visible if I’m editing a component? For now, I have to keep exploding and re-making components whenever I need to see/use guides.

But is there a preference or setting to keep guides visible if I’m editing a component? I can understand the idea behind only displaying the single component (and not other objects) when editing it… but I don’t understand why they thought it’s important to hide guides.

Thanks for any insight.

Disable hiding everything else when you edit a component. That’s the normal behavior so you must have set stuff to hide when you are editing.

At least in my work I want to see the other stuff when I’m editing a component because I use those other parts and guidelines outside the component for reference.

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Use View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model to toggle it on/off.
Sometimes having it on lets you see what you are doing, sometimes having it off lets you snap and infer to the ‘outside world’…

If you have some guides outside of the component but would like to use them AND hide the rest of the model do this…

Before editing the component select the guides and use Edit>Copy to put them onto the clipboard.
Now edit the component if you have the rest of the model hidden the guides will not be visible either, so now use Edit>Paste-in-Place and the guides are copied into the component in the same location as in the model.
Edit using the guides as required.
Edit > Delete Guides only works in the active_entities context and anything nesting within that, so using it will clear the guides inside the component but when you exit the edit te original guides will still be in the model.
Obviously using Delete Guides again clears those, and any inside nested components too…

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Thank you both.

You both provided the solution but I am only supposed to pick one as a solution per forum rules. :slight_smile: