Any possibility to change material opacity with dynamic components commands?

I’d like to make a crossfade between 2 components while clicking on the group which include them.
I’ve imagined to change dynamically their color opacity, but I can’t find the good way to do this.
Thanks for your help!

I suspect you would need to create a set of materials with different opacity and then switch between them.

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DC functions can change the material not their opacity, you can change a color using RGB values otherwise as per Dave, a number of installed materials.

RGB example: color animate.skp (45.6 KB)

If there was to be any development then further supported functions like opacity changes would be good, however, now the only other possibility is to create your own function via ruby

I’m going to try that, thanks

I’m sure ruby is the best solution, but it needs some time to learn the language. I’ll try first DaveR’s solution. Thank you for your answer.