Any plugin to show object orientation?

great, thanks!)

Just tested the previous version again.
It aligns top level locked instances. Maybe it would be better to prevent that from happening, to be more consistent with SketchUp.
Nested locked instances are not protected from manipulating the parent but locked parents (current top level) are.

Yes Sir! There was already a red highlight. I thought it is enough… but partly agree! :wink:

Fix by Request for Dezmo Align Axes :
The align needs to be confirmed, if the instance in question is locked.



Download Beta_2020_0830_1832

Dezmo_Align_Axes_Beta_2020_0830_1832.rbz (9.7 KB)


Sketchup has the ability to show the component axes of all components (not just in component editing mode). Does that help you?
Menu: window> Model info> Component tab> tick the “Show Component Axes” tickbox.

yes, I know but this is not helpfull in such case